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We offer the required sexual harassment training for employers and employees, providing onsite and online options to customize a training plan to fit your needs.


Ensure a Safer and Harassment Free Environment

Laurence Taylor Insurance Services is dedicated to making workplaces better.Sexual harassment in the workplace has become a serious area of concern. Now more than ever, it is critical to provide harassment prevention training to your employees. Not only is training your employees required by employment laws all over America, but it is also best practice in preventing legal risks associated with sexual harassment.


Globally Recognised Training and Certification

The primary goal of training is to make sure that all employees feel safe at work. Proper training helps safeguard against unwanted behavior by clearly defining the rules and policies.Our world class training methodology and program is geared towards creating awareness on sexual harassment, providing a concrete understanding about the law and enlightening the learners about the redressal procedures. Our certification is globally recognised and employees can file them for later walks in life.

What We Offer You

Requiring employees and business owners to participate in sexual harassment training helps businesses minimize the risk of lawsuits, increase employee satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, improves overall productivity, and avoids harm to the company reputation.With the help of real-life cases, we guide the learner through the subject from recognising sexual harassment to preventing and reporting incidents appropriately.

  • Sexual Harassment Explained
  • Identify the Types of Sexual Harassment
  • How to Spot Inappropriate Physical Conduct
  • Identify Inappropriate Communication and offensive visuals
  • Know Possible Retributions After Reporting an Incident
  • Do your Part to Prevent Sexual Harassment
  • Identify the Effects of Sexual Harassment
  • Understand Sexual Harassment Laws and Common Myths
  • Processes for Reporting Sexual Harassment
  • React to Sexual Harassment
  • Know your Rights
  • Steps to take after a Sexual Harassment Incident


Nearly 3 in 4 sexual harassment claims in the workplace go unreported.


32% of employees weren’t aware that jokes could be considered sexual harassment.


81% of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime.


Workplace sexual harassment costs an average of $2.6b in lost productivity or $1,053 per victim.

Here's What Set Us Apart

We have made it easier than ever to provide the training courses you need to promote a safe and compliant workplace. Our training is engaging, interactive and exceeds the requirement.

World-Class Training

Globally Recognised Certification

Group Discounts

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Flexible Learning Style

Continuous Feedback

Competency-Based Learning

Individual and Group training

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Timely Training to Save Millions

Sexual harassment affects more than just the employees involved—it affects your entire organization. Besides causing emotional duress and decreased performance, lawsuits resulting from sexual harassment are stressful and expensive. Sexual harassment prevention training can help build awareness as well as provide guidelines on what to do when encountering these situations. Not only is it the right business decision, but many states require companies to offer sexual harassment training for employees.

Shield Against Claims of Negligence

Requiring employees and business owners to participate in sexual harassment training helps businesses minimize the risk of lawsuits, increase employee satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, improves overall productivity, and avoids harm to the company reputation.It is essential that business organizations understand how to recognize unacceptable behavior, how to report it and how to respond to and support employees who may encounter it. Sexual harassment training is a strategic tool to educate, influence and motivate positive behavior across the business.

We offer a comprehensive and expertly organised and tutored sexual harassment prevention course applicable in any business context. Our expertise and industry knowledge will help you meet your training needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about the requirements in the states you operate to ensure your organization is in compliance, and your employees stay safe, happy, and productive. Not only is training the proven practice in preventing harassment in the workplace but also is required by law in the state of California.

Additionally, here at Laurence Taylor Insurance Services we are happy to provide you information to protect against employee lawsuits, with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). EPLI can protect your business in the event an employee brings up a lawsuit due to sexual harassment.We also offer a host of other industry specific insurance packages that can not only safeguard your interests from the unforeseeable future but also provide a stable ground as a fail safe. Drop us a line to know more.

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