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Laurence Taylor Insurance Services offers a unique Workplace Sexual Harassment Insurance which is also considered the broadest available on the market.It offers financial protection, response services and risk management for organisations against the cost of defence and liability in responding to actual or alleged acts of sexual misconduct and molestation, as well as negligent hiring and supervision. It also addresses the reputational damage that sexual misconduct and molestation allegations create for companies.

Since the New York Times published allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein in October 2017, the subject of sexual harassment has received extensive media attention in Hollywood and beyond. The #MeToo hashtag has been viewed as a rallying cry against such conduct and its momentum suggests a mindset determined to call out unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. Whilst the headlines are dominated by high profile individuals and companies, the reality is that sexual harassment allegations can happen in any industry and in companies of all sizes.

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We Provide the Highest Coverage againt Sexual Harassment Insurance

Managing claims involving sexual harassment or abuse is an area that we believe is exceptionally important, demanding particularly sensitive, careful and experienced consideration by a specialist team. We insure a broad range of businesses and organisations against many eventualities, principally under our property-related insurance policies and our liability insurance policies.

When we take over the handling of the claim that does not prevent the organisation we insure from being able to start or continue to offer support and care, including counselling, to the victim or survivor. We have an experienced specialist team that handles all PSA claims. We allocate each claim against an organisation we insure to a senior specialist claims handler within the team.

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